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Welcome to Carlton Education Network

Carlton Education Network is more than just another education agent. We listen to students and provide professional advice to meet their needs. We are personal education advisors who help students to pave their way for a higher education.

We care about our students – their future is our concern because our success is very much dependent on their achievement!

We are committed to provide quality education advice and to serve students well.


Carlton Education Network attempts to maintain up- to-date and accurate information in the website as much as possible. However, some information in this website may not be as complete and up-to-date as it should be. While every effort is made to improve the website, visitors to the website are encouraged to speak to our consultants pertaining to their particular circumstances before committing on any course of actions. The company will not be liable for any losses or damages arising directly or indirectly from the use of information in this website. It is provided in good faith without express or implied warranty.

The information in the website includes views, standards or procedures that serve as general guidelines to many users. Some content of information may be similar to other websites but the company has no intention of copying or reproducing copyright materials or infringing upon copyright of any kind. Some of the information is general and may appear similar as we follow the same standards or procedures set by the relevant authorities. We always respect the intellectual property of others.

The company reserves the right to change the website information at anytime. If you find any particular information to be incorrect, please feel free to contact our web master at contact@carlton-consultants.com.au

The material on this website such as company logo, layout design, text and some graphics/animations are the properties of Carlton Education Network. You must not copy or reproduce the material (or any part thereof) without the permission of the company. However, you can print these materials for your personal information or non-commercial use before you establish contact with us.
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Personal information (including any sensitive information) we collected from electronic form and e-mails are treated as confidential and will be protected. The information is intended for establishing contact or following up purposes by the company with our potential clients (i.e. respond to enquiries/questions, contact clients for appointments and discussions etc). It is meant to facilitate the communication process while delivering our education advisory services.

If you realize that your personal information is incorrect, incomplete or outdated, we appreciate you contacting us to update your information in our records.

The information collected by electronic form and e-mails will not be disclosed or sold to third parties for commercial purposes. We will take necessary measures to secure the information we collected on our servers. However, sometimes it may be possible that your information be inadvertently disclosed in the internet during the course of transmission. Under this situation, the company will not be liable for the unintentional disclosure of your information.