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The Process
Contacting Carlton Education Network
Our consultant will discuss with you on your academic and personal needs and suggest the best options for you.
Meeting the entry requirements
You will be advised on the application requirements for the course and education institution selected. Our consultant will discuss with you on the entry requirements such as evidence of English proficiency eg IELTS or TOEFL, Special Admission Tests eg GMAT or GRE and make sure that all the required documents such as academic transcripts and certificates are in place.
Applying for admission
The application process starts when we assist you to compile all documentations, complete the application forms and submit your application to the selected education institution.
Receiving the admission offer
Upon receiving the offer letter, we will discuss with you on the offer and advise you on acceptance deadlines or any additional documentations required. If you are happy with the offer, we will then advise you on the acceptance process and remittance of deposit payment to the education institution.
Preparing documents for student visa application
Upon student acceptance, we will coordinate with the education institution for the required documentations needed for student visa application and advise you accordingly. We will also advise parents of younger students (ie under 18 years of age) on guardianships and special welfare arrangements required by the immigration departments of some countries.
Arranging for student housing and airport pick up service
We will discuss with students and parents on student housing arrangement and assist with booking the right accommodation. Airport pick up service can also be arranged so that students’ transportation will be taken care of upon arrival at airport.